Hello everyone, we are back because we have some new and exciting news regarding our previously announced player statistics. It’s been a while since then and for one reason or another, it was impossible to bring it to fruition until now.

We are pleased to announce that the new statistics system is live at: Please keep in mind it is in beta state. Work is still being done and it’s yet to be finalized. You can however check it out now. Also, there will be a link to the stats from the top menu of this site. Just click on “Player Stats” on top.

Check our player stats here. Please keep in mind that the system is still in Beta state and it only updates data once a day. Don’t forget to report any bugs you encounter.

We are planning to add ways to see statistics by month for example. (Currently, it shows all-time totals only) Also, it is not updating every 5 hours as we intend it to. It’s mostly being updated once a day for now. Hopefully, this will change very soon.

For now, it only shows statistics for our main Pavlov server Ultimate TDM, however, the idea is to expand it to the other servers as well.

Let us know if you have any questions and report any bugs you might find with it. You may either use our Contact Form Here to report errors or just join us on our Discord server.

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