Hello there. Welcome to the RealAct’s Pavlov VR Servers page. I’m one of the server administrators. I created this page as an official site for the Pavlov VR community servers with the same name. You are welcome to stick around, register and login to the site. I’m looking forward to creating one of the best Pavlov communities on the internet along with you.

Because the server just started recently, it is mostly busy on the weekends, when you can for the most part find the server on the top of the server list several times throughout the day. (Well, a few months later and that statement is no longer true) The server or servers now, because we added a second TDM server in the EU and yet a third server instance for the Pavlov VR HIDDEN mode are busy most of the time these days. These three server instances currently accept up to 24 concurrent players. This limitation, however, is imposed by the Pavlov VR server daemon as of right now due to technical limitations with the engine Pavlov runs on, the developers decided that more than 24 simultaneous players ruin the experience for players, due to the audio breaking and some other issues. Hopefully in the near future with the engine upgrade which is coming this year (2022) the number of players will be increased.

Due to a bug with the Pavlov VR Game, whenever the server surpasses 19 users, it will display as 0 users. Just join in, even if you see 0 users, chances are there will be people playing. The server keeps a rotation of 20 to 30 maps minimum at 20 minutes intervals, so you are never bored, these maps are also hand-picked community favorites. The main server is a TDM dedicated server so yeah Team Death Match 24/7 baby! Then a second server instance rotates the HIDDEN mode 24/7 with the best maps for that mode..

For the time being this is a Pavlov PC VR server only, in the future, we will add a Pavlov Shack instance for the Oculus Quest 2 version of the game, so stay tuned. If you have any issues with the server, remember that you may always contact me through Steam or by using this simple form.

There will be more content added to the site as I see fit. Feel free to offer suggestions or ideas. Interested in contributing in any way? Let me know.