Hi, My name is Eli;  I’m from Hialeah FL, USA;
Computers, and Electronic Music are two of my major interests, I also sporadically like some gaming on my PS3. Because I love and believe in God, I like discussing religious topics and Christianity in general;  I also love reading; See the books I have read on the Books section of my site; those are just a few of the zillion books I have read lol,  I have many others I love.

I will be updating this profile with more info as I see it fits.  A person’s life can change in second, so come back every now and then to learn more about me.

Poetry has always been a big part of my life too, I wrote poetry since I was a child and I have tons of poems I have written, I was even lucky enough to have some of my poems published in a local newspaper of my country of origin Cuba;  however I still have not made any attempts to publish anything in the United States where I now permanently reside.  Even though I do not take so much time to write Poetry anymore it is still very important to me and every now and then I seat down and I write something, mostly personal,  If you are interested in seeing some of my poetry just let me know.

My favorite movie is “A.I. Artificial Intelligence”, The movie is so beautifully exceptional, with a futuristic perspective it really goes inside the reason why we exist – that is to give and receive love – in fact this movie contains a very mature message that not many people understand, it sends out a very deep message, and it goes beyond the usual Hollywood script, If you like touching stories I suggest you to watch it, I assure you that you will not regret it, I will soon be creating a page on my site specially for A.I. Stay tuned.

I’m a computers and information technology freak lol, and you will notice that right away when visiting this page and also when you talk to me in real life if you would ever happened to do so, my friends often call me very computer savvy, some even say I’m a hacker though I detest that term! lol I’m currently employed in two fields, firstly I work as a webmaster doing database management and maintenance for several Internet sites, sometimes I also find myself sporadically working in paid projects such as translations of computer programs into Spanish which is my native language if you still didn’t realized this lol.

Secondly I’m also employed with a Health Care company in the USA. In my free time I also volunteer to do translations of some open source software projects, for instance right now I’m working in the translation of IRCServices For IRC Networks, an automated system which allows people connected to an IRC server to register and maintain ownership of nicknames and channels, I also donate of my free time to serve as an IRCop (IRC Operator) in a couple of IRC Networks. in the past I have donated of my personal resources such as time and money in the development of the UnrealIRCd Daemon and others.

I love God and I love truth, I feel a great compassion for people living today, there’s so much pain and sorrow going on, people are so tired of religion in general, in part because they have been misled so much that they have come to believe that God really doesn’t care about humanity!

You can contact me by using the contact form on this site when and if you do contact me you can do it both in English or Spanish, I also understand Portuguese and Italian to some extent, however don’t expect a reply from me in neither of those two last languages.

I love hearing about people from all around the world, I love to have friends everywhere, so hope to hear from you soon 🙂

Last updated Thursday, May 21, 2015.