Top Killers Role


We are excited to announce a new Discord role for the TOP Killers Club on the main TDM server (Ultimate-TDM), based on the new stats page. This is a fun way to make sure the best killers on the server get the credit they deserve! The roles will be updated on the 1st of every Month and we will include the top 10 players with the highest kills. Once you’re a part of the TOP Killers Club, you will keep that role forever*. First roles will be added July 1st 2023. We will only consider the top 10 players with the highest count, regardless of whether they are on Discord so if you’re number 11, better luck next time 😀

Be sure to keep checking out the stats page at:


  • You must be on the Discord server to have the role (duh)
  • Your nickname on Discord must generally resemble or match your nickname in Pavlov (which the stats page is pulling from)
  • Don’t be a jerk

Let us know if you have any questions or comments on the new role! You may either use our Contact Form Here to report errors or just join us on our Discord server.

*subject to change

Top Killers Role
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