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You might by now have noticed a new server added to our network. We have already talked about it on our Discord channel. If you have not joined our Discord, you are missing out, so what are you waiting for? Get in there today!

Enough about that, let’s go right into the news. The new server name is: [RealAct.NET] [TOP 5 PAVLOV MAPS 24/7] and is available for anyone to use. The purpose of this server might change in the future, but for now, it is intended to rotate only the TOP 5 most popular maps on Pavlov at any given time, regardless of the gaming mode.

Today it might be rotating TDM, Next week it might be PUSH, or CUSTOM, who knows… Is there a new hot map on Pavlov? You can be sure it’ll be rotating on that server. At times the server might be rotating only one map 24/7, or perhaps it might be a combination of maps and modes. Be surprised, join in to see what’s rotating.

The server does not incur any additional cost as it runs off the same machine as that of our main TDM server, which is powerful enough to run several servers.

Any suggestions or maps you would like to see rotating there? Let us know.

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