As you probably have noticed, there have been a few issues in recent days where the server has unexpectedly crashed several times during the last couple of days.

We are working closely with our provider to pinpoint the root of the issue. At this point, we have taken a few steps to remedy the situation. The server has been re-installed and rebuilt from scratch. Unfortunately, several maps have been removed from the rotation, but we will be adding them back one by one slowly.

The reason this needs to be done is that it’s most likely one of our current maps that is the culprit causing these unwanted crashes. It’s a game of cat and mouse to identify which map is the one broken.

Update! It appears the situation has been now resolved as we have not experienced any more crashes. Like it was stated above, we will now start to add back some of the maps that were removed, as well as some new ones. If you see a new crash, please bear with us, as one of those maps we add back might be the reason for the crash.

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