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Auto Balance Enabled For TDM

If you are a member of our Discord, you probably already know this, but if you aren’t, then keep reading. For the last two weeks, we have been testing a new Auto-Balance system on our TDM servers. This system developed by Invicta keeps an eye on the total player count on the server at any given moment, and also about how many players are on each team.

Let’s say the blue team is running short on players, the reason being some players have left the match, or some have switched teams intentionally, the auto balance system will switch the lowest/median scored players from the red team which has the most players to the opposite team (Blue), and vice versa. This allows for matches that are a lot fairer and also helps when a particular team has several AFK players etc. as it will switch those to the opposite team, so idlers or low-score players will have less of an impact on either team.

The auto balance system will also watch for the presence of any potential Team Killers and it will automatically kick them off the current match. At the moment we are testing a threshold of 4 TKs at which point the offending player will be removed from the match. This goes on top of Pavlov’s already existing autokick system.

The auto balance system also comes with our new Discord bot ErASer. This bot gives you access to several offline commands to be able to find out what’s going on in a particular server without even being connected to VR. Among others, here is the list of the most important commands you may send to the bot on Discord:

;servers - Lists available servers
;aliases - Lists available aliases
;aliases maps - Lists all map aliases
;aliases players - Lists all player aliases
;aliases teams - Lists all teams like ;teams
;serverinfo <server_name> - Provides details on server
;banlist <server_name> - Lists banned players on a server
;checkban <playerid> <server_name> - Lists banned players on a server
;itemlist <servername> - Lists available items on a server
;maplist <server_name> - Lists configured maps on a server
;players <server_name> - Provides a scoreboard with player info
;playerinfo <player_id> <server_name> - Player details
;anyoneplaying - Provides a table with info for all servers

The default server is the main server [RealAct.NET] [ULTIMATE TDM 24/7] [USA], so if you send a command without the “server_name” argument, then the output will be that of the main server. There are other commands you can use, and also some that are only available to server Admins and Moderators. For a full list of commands, join our #bot-commands channel on Discord and type: ;help then “ErAsEr” will reply with the full list of available commands.

Hopefully, this will help make the servers more enjoyable. If you notice any unwanted issues or unforeseen problems with this system or have any concerns, do not hesitate to let us know by contacting us or joining us on Discord and letting us know. Happy gaming guys!

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