Pavlov Beta Branch Server


As you probably know, Vankrupt Games just released the highly anticipated beta update for its flagship first-person shooter game Pavlov VR. As part of this beta, there are countless improvements to the game. You can learn more about all the changes in their official news release.

Being a beta, however, means there are many bugs that need to be worked on and ironed out before this version can become an official release and be offered to everyone who owns the game. Part of the testing period requires a beta branch of the game to become available so all the testing can be done backstage.

We want to help and also be able to provide feedback to the Pavlov developers during the process, so we set up a testing beta server that is available on the testing branch and can be seen and used by anyone using the beta during this phase. Once you have the beta installed, you’ll find our testing server on the server browser with the following instance name:

[RealAct.NET] [BETA TESTING 24/7]

As of the time of this writing, it’s only possible to rotate default maps and the ones currently rotating are just the new Sand, Datacenter Night, and Siberia Night. If it becomes possible, we will be adding additional maps. If you want to participate in the beta testing, you must take the following steps:

  • Open Steam and right-click Pavlov VR on Steam
  • Go to “Properties”
  • Click the “Betas” Tab
  • Select “beta” from the drop-down

Please remember though that Beta testing is not for everyone, you’ll encounter many bugs and that is absolutely expected. You will then need to remove yourself from the beta on Steam if you want to return to the normal game, which will of course download the whole game again. There are also not many people playing on the beta branch, so it’s better to visit the branch at peak times for better chances of finding more players connected. The most important aspect of beta testing is reporting ANY bugs or issues you encounter, so the developers may fix them before the final release.

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