We have just added a new Map Rotation page to the site, where players can take a look and monitor the current map rotation in both the TDM and the HIDDEN servers. The page contains basic map information such as Map position on the rotation sequence, Map Name, and whether the map is <<New>> to the Rotation, <<Recent>>, <<Sticky>> or << Outgoing>>.

New will be represented in Red, Recent will show in blue, Sticky in light green and Outgoing will be shown in Orange. As their names indicate, “New” means these maps just entered the rotation, “Recent” well just recently was added, “Sticky” are those maps we consider all-time favorites and are rarely removed. Anything “Outgoing” well you know it’s on the way out because it’s been rotating for a while or players feedback has prompted its removal.

This is not an automatically created page, so it is updated manually as much as possible. We will be working on creating a possible script-generated one that is automatically updated. More information related to the maps such as Map Author and maps Steam links will be soon added as well.

Let us know if you have any suggestions or ideas regarding this page.

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