Ooma Telo

This is my review of the Ooma VOIP system, sold in the US and which has been regarded as number one by many people across the nation according to Ooma itself and they have sources to prove it, if you don’t believe me head to Ooma.com right now and check it out by yourself.

What’s great about it: Quality, Design, Features, Sound, among many other things I will explain as you read on.

What’s not so great: No caller ID with name on the free version of the service. (for some other not so great and minor annoyances with Ooma check the items mark in red in the rest of this article)

I have been using Ooma for almost two years now and I wonder why I didn’t get this sooner, the Ooma Telo is a top of the line product, it allows you to have free phone service and make free calls in the US even if you take the device overseas, you just pay a small tax monthly fee (Required by the government not Ooma) in my case I pay just $ 3.71 a month, that’s less than four bucks a month in taxes for the service! this fee varies depending on the area you live.

The free version of the service (where you pay only the monthly taxes required by the government) includes the following standard features:

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