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Spotify’s new black interface


SpotifyMain3Spotify  has been testing a new theme to its interface, a few days ago I had the opportunity download it and test it out, pretty much it is just that “a theme” nothing else, no major changes have been made to the interface, except for a few changes here and there, basically  I noticed how  they have tweaked things a little bit to make it look more modern, I noticed bigger artwork on the search results and artist pages and perhaps a cleaner look overall as it tends to show less information than it did before, it also blends better with Windows 8 modern GUI, so that’s a plus for me and I’m sure many other people will be pleased with this fact.

What’s most remarkable on the new version is the new dark theme and boy it is dark! so dark that it looks plain black in some places, along with the dark look there are bigger fonts too, the fonts are white throughout most of the GUI while showing a little tone of gray in other areas such as the main sidebar , this against the almost black background might not be of the liking of a few people, some will find it slightly hurting to the eyes.

Aside from the changes I refer to above there’s not much else besides perhaps a more social look, which I like, but I would prefer if the contrasts weren’t so pronounced in some places, maybe wider use of tones of gray in specific areas, then also why not give us the choice to pick which colors we want or an assortment of colors to pick from? I don’t think it would be so hard to implement.

I got my hands on this test version which still feels a little buggy and not as snappy as the regular official builds we are all used to, but this is of course to be expected as it is a test/beta version, it seems Spotify will soon be releasing this for everyone, though I’m sure a newer build vastly improved from this, as a matter of fact the rumor is that the company pulled this build and is no longer offering it to selected people as it has been for the past few weeks.

If you are interested in trying this build out, just reply here with your e-mail and I’ll send you a link to download the file.


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The Logitech z623 Excellent Audio System


Logitech 980-000402 Z623 Speaker SystemThe z623 sound is amazing! I listen to mostly Trance and Electronica in general, but I can tell you everything sounds fantastic on it.  I also own the z2300 which as of right now I have hooked up to my 3D TV, but previously had attached to my computer, and I can tell you that my new baby falls only slightly behind it in terms of bass, but just a little.

The satellite speakers I would say sound actually better than those in the z2300, I  certainly do not regret buying it at all. Some buyers of this system has complained saying the connecting cables are too short, I must agree to some extent, however for most computer users the supplied cables are just enough, in any case if longer cables were needed it is easy to go buy one audio extension cable, they are less than $5 in any electronics store, you just need to buy the cable and an extender plug and that’s it, cable length was an issue for me with my z2300 because of the way I have it set up with my TV and solved it that way.

The z623 Speaker System has the power of 200-Watts RMS, it is THX Certified and connects its left satellite speaker to the main Subwoofer using a standard RCA cable which allows for the solution explained above in the event you need to separate the speakers more,  the AUX In integrated jack on its left speaker allows you to connect any external device such as your IPod, WI-FI radio or regular mp3 player to the system.

The system is so loud that most users will probably put the volume half way, I have tested different types of music and even at very high levels (where the walls start to rattle) I can hear no distortion of the sound at all.

If you are looking for an inexpensive audio system for your PC, iMac or even your TV this device will not let you down, clear highs, crisp mids and an extremely powerful bass make the perfect combination, you can’t go wrong with this piece, other system with this power cost twice as much or even more.

So many things are great about the z623 , I could mention Bass, Sound, Quality and Appearance. Aside from not having optical audio, I see no wrong, but this was expected. Buy it today!

Tiesto’s Life Radio On SiriusXM

Tiësto's Life Radio On SiriusXMWorld’s acclaimed and legendary DJ Tiësto just launched his 24/7 commercial-free music channel on SiriusXM, broadcasting live from Miami’s Ultra Music Festival. The channel is already available featuring music created and curated by electronic dance music superstar DJ and producer Tiesto who will be spinning live on air for SiriusXM listeners during the event.

Now the bad news, the channel which will be available on SiriusXM’s channel 340 will not be available on regular satellite radios because it’s an Xtra channel. That means you can only hear the channel on an "XM2.0 Radio", which the Edge and Lynx are the only ones currently available. No other radios will pick up this channel. It can also be streamed online with smart phones using XM’s apps or with your computer as long as you are subscribed to XM’s internet stream service which is an extra $3.00 a month.

Congratulations to Tiësto on this remarkable achievement of having his own dedicated radio music channel reaching millions!

Tiësto Life Radio Official Site

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