Hi there, welcome to the Mods/Admins protocols & Application page. This page will help you better understand what it is that we look forward to and what is it that we expect from you as a VR server Mod or Admin.

We are glad that you have interest in becoming a staff member at the RealAct’s Pavlov VR server. We are looking for fair, positive-minded, none power-hungry members who have been active within the RealAct’s VR server community to keep the servers active and running smoothly for everyone. We need Mods and Admins who are level-headed and will help servers stay populated in a healthy environment for all players!

What is the difference between a Mod and an Admin?

Mods are Moderators, these players have the power of being unkickable from the VR servers, and they also cannot be vote-kicked or banned. Additionally, Mods will also be Moderators on our Discord server. Mods help monitor the server and will kindly approach and warn any player on the server which they see causing trouble that their behavior is not welcomed. This can be done by either approaching the player in VR if possible or by switching to the offending player’s Team and warning them via the Radio Intercom.

A Mod will report a player to a server Admin when they see server rules are being violated, so the actual ban on such players be enforced.

Admins, on the other hand, are members who besides having the same capabilities described for Mods above have also the ability to actually kick or ban a player momentarily or permanently depending on the offense.

Certain Admins will also have the ability to restart a server, start it if it has crashed and did not restart automatically, change maps or server configuration, etc. (Not all admins will have these abilities though, those are gained with trust)

Admins also cannot be power-hungry or use these abilities for their personal entertainment or to be on power trips. Admins and mods are by no means excepted from following the server rules, and any Mod or Admin that abuses their power will have these removed.

Admins and Mods are here to keep the game fair and fun for everyone. Admins are not to be abusing their powers by spawning items, changing skins or modes, or doing anything that makes players want to leave. We want to know if you think rules were broken by an Admin or Mod, no server is any staff member’s private toy for their entertainment at the cost of others.

Being a Mod or Admin Is not so much fun as it might sound. Think about it before you want to become one.

Being a Mod or an Admin is not fun, for example, you will be looking for ways to keep the server populated and even provide entertainment for others if need be, as opposed to having fun yourself sometimes. One example of this: Let’s say you see a vote is being called to change the map (End Match and return to lobby) when you see this happen, however, you realize the server has a low user count, let’s say less than 15 players, you DO NOT vote in favor of this, in fact, you should quickly vote against it. One of our main goals as Mods and Admins is to keep the server populated. Switching maps under a low player count can result in an empty server, as most players will not rejoin after the match ends, they don’t wait for the reconnection. Oftentimes, those calling for the map-changing vote will also be the first to leave themselves upon noticing the server is nearly empty.

Another example also related to maps, which is not fun for you as a player, but a priority for you as a staff member. You see a map running, which you don’t like, again you don’t call a vote to rotate maps yourself unless you see a lot of players complaining about the current map, moreover, you must see a significant player count on the server (Again at least 15 players or more) nor will you force a map rotation yourself even if you have the ability to do so yourself without a need for a vote.

How can you provide entertainment to others?

Let’s say the server has crashed, you join and find the empty server, you as a member of the server staff might want to stick around for as much as you can even if there’s one player. Just approach them if they are not in the mood for actual playing, strike a small conversation while you wait for other players to join, etc. Sometimes when there’s a very low player count, letting yourself get killed or playing dumb may help keep them entertained while more people join the match.

Even if there are no players on the server, and you have time, please stick around to help jump-start the server.

The list can go on, but for now, just think above the above examples, which are the most common ones.

I’m a Mod, How do I become an Admin?

Most likely you will be offered becoming a Mod first after filling out this application. As time passes by, and you have proved to be a person who cares for the players and the servers, and someone who enjoys being a Moderator, you might be asked if you want to become an Admin.

What is the process a Mod should follow if they see troublemakers or rules being broken?

  • Approach the player if possible and ask them to stop their behavior.
  • Warn them that such behavior is not welcomed or tolerated. Examples on how to approach are: “Hi, I’m a Moderator here, I noticed such and such would you please stop this? It’s making the player/players uncomfortable, and we do not appreciate such behavior on the server.” another example: “Hi, I’m a moderator on the server, we are happy to have you here, but please know that such behavior (Explain the bad behavior if possible) is not welcomed or tolerated, Please be aware that you maybe be kicked or banned from the server unless you stop)”.
  • If the player continues their behavior or ignores you, please report it to an Admin as soon as possible.

What is the process an Admin should follow if they see trouble?

  • Follow the exact same 2 first steps as the ones explained above for Mods.
  • If that doesn’t work, proceed to first KICK the player several times, they most likely try to rejoin once kicked. (Try not to ban them on their first offense) Usually once they see they have been kicked they will heed the warning and keep quiet and start behaving.
  • If once kicked you noticed the player has rejoined but insist in their bad behavior, proceed to ban them from the server.
  • Please try to copy their username (In-Game handle or nick) as well as their Steam 64 ID and inform @RealAct about it. You may get their Steam 64 ID by visiting their Steam Profile by clicking on their username through the RCON interface. It is important you do this before you ban them, so you can click on their nick and open their profile page on Steam. The Steam ID will show up as part of the Steam Profile page URL. If you can not see the Steam 64 ID, tools such as THIS ONE can help. A steam 64 ID is usually a long number, such as: 76561199168639137 for example.
  • If you are unable for whatever reason to get their Steam 64 ID before you ban them, it is critical that you immediately notify @RealAct, so he may check the server ban list and identify and differentiate the player among other banned users on the list. The server only bans the Steam 64 ID. When trying to unban the user in the future, it is easier that way to identify them on the ban list.

Still looking to become a Mod or Admin?

Then please fill out the form below and wait for a response. Please note that your real First and Last name as well as a real contact phone number are required. The availability question is to merely have an idea of what times you would most likely be available on the server. This does not imply any sort of time commitment from you or anything of that sort.

Admin / Mode Application