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Spotify’s new black interface


SpotifyMain3Spotify  has been testing a new theme to its interface, a few days ago I had the opportunity download it and test it out, pretty much it is just that “a theme” nothing else, no major changes have been made to the interface, except for a few changes here and there, basically  I noticed how  they have tweaked things a little bit to make it look more modern, I noticed bigger artwork on the search results and artist pages and perhaps a cleaner look overall as it tends to show less information than it did before, it also blends better with Windows 8 modern GUI, so that’s a plus for me and I’m sure many other people will be pleased with this fact.

What’s most remarkable on the new version is the new dark theme and boy it is dark! so dark that it looks plain black in some places, along with the dark look there are bigger fonts too, the fonts are white throughout most of the GUI while showing a little tone of gray in other areas such as the main sidebar , this against the almost black background might not be of the liking of a few people, some will find it slightly hurting to the eyes.

Aside from the changes I refer to above there’s not much else besides perhaps a more social look, which I like, but I would prefer if the contrasts weren’t so pronounced in some places, maybe wider use of tones of gray in specific areas, then also why not give us the choice to pick which colors we want or an assortment of colors to pick from? I don’t think it would be so hard to implement.

I got my hands on this test version which still feels a little buggy and not as snappy as the regular official builds we are all used to, but this is of course to be expected as it is a test/beta version, it seems Spotify will soon be releasing this for everyone, though I’m sure a newer build vastly improved from this, as a matter of fact the rumor is that the company pulled this build and is no longer offering it to selected people as it has been for the past few weeks.

If you are interested in trying this build out, just reply here with your e-mail and I’ll send you a link to download the file.


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WD My Cloud 2/3/4TBs how to speed things up

WD My Cloud 3TB  I recently purchased a new My Cloud device from WD and I have come to love the thing, however after checking out the WD Community forums for the product and based on my own experience with the device I have decided to put up this small guide on how to improve  performance and make your ride a    little smoother.

After connecting and setting up My Cloud on the network you might initially find yourself with very slow transfers and and slow overall access to your cloud storage both locally and remotely, surely this will not be the experience for everyone, but at least for some it will, just like it was for me.

I discovered a few things you can do to speed things up greatly, some of these might require you to have some basic knowledge of networking and how to get into your router and change settings etc. so you’ve been warned 🙂

If you run Windows 7/8 or 8.1 you might want to follow these steps to ensure your system is properly configured for ultimate network performance.


Make sure all your Ethernet cables to and from the router and to and from the modem are at least CAT5e or above (ie: CAT6 or 7) and that you are using the supplied Ethernet cable that came with My Cloud or better, (if you have them) Once you have made sure all your hardware is linked up with top of the line cabling as explained, go into your Control Panel on  your Windows 7/8/8.1/10 then go into “Administrative Tools” then into the “services” section and you need to make sure that the following 4 settings are set to “Automatic” and that they are (even) started:

1-) DHCP Client
2-) NET TCP Port Sharing Service
3-) SSDP Discovery
4-) UPnP Device Host

Doing the above helped vastly improve my transfers to and from My Cloud, Of course I would also suggest anyone experiencing slow transfers to ensure they have a Gigabit capable router too, because having CAT6/7 won’t do any good if your router is not capable of supporting the speeds those cables deliver.

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The best VOIP around

Ooma Telo

This is my review of the Ooma VOIP system, sold in the US and which has been regarded as number one by many people across the nation according to Ooma itself and they have sources to prove it, if you don’t believe me head to Ooma.com right now and check it out by yourself.

What’s great about it: Quality, Design, Features, Sound, among many other things I will explain as you read on.

What’s not so great: No caller ID with name on the free version of the service. (for some other not so great and minor annoyances with Ooma check the items mark in red in the rest of this article)

I have been using Ooma for almost two years now and I wonder why I didn’t get this sooner, the Ooma Telo is a top of the line product, it allows you to have free phone service and make free calls in the US even if you take the device overseas, you just pay a small tax monthly fee (Required by the government not Ooma) in my case I pay just $ 3.71 a month, that’s less than four bucks a month in taxes for the service! this fee varies depending on the area you live.

The free version of the service (where you pay only the monthly taxes required by the government) includes the following standard features:

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