Check out this new Windows Vista Screenshot from build 5505.6. It looks quite nice, as you can tell Vista is starting to get a bluish look to it, which I really like, click on the thumbnail below to see a full Version of the shot.

Windows Vista Build 5505.6  As you can see on this screenshot several of the sidebar gadgets has been revamped or have  a new look, for example the clock gadget and the CPU monitor gadgets obtained new colors, there’s also some new ones, Aero Glass starting to look a lot more polished.  Click on the Personalize menu on the desktop then go to “Windows Color And Appearance” you will be presented with a totally new and updated area of the OS that many previously didn’t like or were not satisfied with, I personally think Microsoft is finally getting it right with Vista’s GUI.

We’ll have to wait and see how new builds look and feel, cause believe it or not this is not yet the final look of Vista, l feel pretty confident Aero Glass will be polished and tweaked a lot more before RTM.

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