Windows 7 Desktop  Windows 7 finally made it to the Manufacturers, today Microsoft announced it’s availability with a post on the Windows 7 blog by Brandon LeBlanc.

After downloading it for hours with one failed attempt, I installed it on my computer and I must say that I’m impressed by it, it feels so snappy, light on resources and all my software works on it, even certain programs that gave me issues with the RC build are now working like a charm, I only had issues with Phonetray, a program I use to block telemarketers calls, but after applying certain settings with the compatibility feature it also worked good; I honestly think and I’m sure many will agree with me on this one;  that Win7 is the simply the best OS to ever come out of Redmond, XP users will finally have a good reason to move on and be up to date with the times.

The only thing I dislike about this version of Windows is the fact that Microsoft updated half the icons and left the other half with the Vista look, why they did this is beyond me; with such a great OS why made it look to the regular user like the previous version of Windows that many disliked?  I’m not complaining though, 7 is great, it’s better to have a good under the hood operating system that just works as it should, and where today’s hardware and even some old programs still work than having lots of nice eye candy that’s good just for the eye, but I was really expecting at least a new theme and icons for a change.

If you can’t wait to try it, install a torrent client and Download Windows 7 RTM Build 7600.16385 For x64 Systems or you can also Download Windows 7 RTM Build 7600.16385 For x86 Systems to see a higher quality screenshot of my desktop above Click Here

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April 23, 2010 5:06 am

Hey there, thanks for stopping by, no, it does not come with a serial number, it expires after 30 days unless you enter a valid serial number, there’s a re-arm command that you can enter which will entend the trial period up to 3 months, after that the tick will no longer work and you will be required to enter a valid product key, Windows 7 is well worth the money if you ask me though, so you could use the re-arm trick and then when it’s released in October you can just enter your legal product key though.

August 27, 2009 7:36 am

the download links no longer owrk

August 20, 2009 12:07 am

when you download this, does it come with a key and serial?

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