Vuelo Nocturno CoverJust finished reading the Spanish translation of “Vol De Nuit” (Vuelo Nocturno) by  Antoine de Saint-Exupry as it was suggested to me by an old friend;  Everything the author relates in the book he does with full knowledge of what he writes, Exupry himself was a pilot during most of his adult life, in fact he died while in a reconnaissance mission during World War II.

After having read another work from the same author (Le Petit Prince) which is actually a widely acclaimed masterpiece and not precisely liking the aeronautics topic myself, I have to say that it was indeed a little hard for me to finish reading the book, however the work in my opinion has a great literary value because of its very well organized narrative, amazingly deep created metaphors and a great documental weight. rarely in literature you can find literary quality and documental value along side each other, so this gives “Vuelo Nocturno” a special lift among other books I have read, I believe the book is probably one of the best works in modern french literature, I recommend anyone to read it.

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