Whole House FM Transmitter Gold Edition Hey everybody, I’m still alive! For the last month I have been looking for a good FM Transmitter for my car;  because seriously who wants to be creating CDs to listen to music anymore? my car does not have an AUX audio input, so a Modulator is not an option,  the only way for me to go was wireless, so I went on a quest for a good FM Transmitter, to my frustration none of them worked as they should, with all honesty they ALL sucked big time, but I will go into details about that later… I made some research and came across The Whole House FM Transmitter, I was hesitant at first because – I’m sorry to say – their website does not look very professional at all, first impressions are always important to me, still I decided to research even farther and came up with some really nice reviews about this product on the internet, so I was like what the heck, let’s give it a try and went ahead and ordered this baby, oh boy… to my surprise it worked just as expected, this little device works exactly as advertised, The Whole House FM Transmitter claims that it broadcasts whatever audio source you want up to 150 feet in all directions. This means it can cover more than 70,000 square feet, I have verified and I can bear witness that it does indeed do what they claim.

As an universal FM transmitter, it can broadcast any audio source to every FM radio. The audio sources include TV, Satellite TV Receivers, DVRs (eg. TiVo), Home Stereo Systems, DVD Players, VCRs, iPod, Microsoft Zune, Creative Zen, SanDisk Sansa MP3 Player, Other MP3 Players, Stereo Systems, Satellite Radios, CD Players, Tape Players, Palm Pilots, and Computer Audio (Internet Radio, Streaming Audio, Audio Files & Audio Downloads).

You don’t need FCC license to operate Whole House FM Transmitter. You can power up the transmitter unit via wall outlet, car adapter, USB or 3 x AA batteries. It just takes 10 minutes or less for set up, The Whole House FM Transmitter Gold Edition comes with an FM transmitter unit, 1/8? (3.5 mm) Stereo Headphone Jack, Stereo RCA Jack with Volume Control, 110/220 V AC Power Supply, 12/24 V DC Automobile Adapter, and USB Power Cable.

You create your own FM radio station to broadcast around your house and even outside your house with any FM transmitter. But many FM transmitters don’t work because they are not powerful in broadcasting signal as you will see from my experiences below, and from the experiences of many other reviewers out there, check out the Bestbuy reviews and you will see what I mean.

Before finding The Whole House FM Transmitter I started with the Griffin iTrip Universal; the idea behind that transmitter is great, it is a wireless device that charges through the USB of any computer and does not need to be connected to your car’s lighter charger to work, the charge lasts enough for a decent trip and it also works good at home to listen to your computer tunes through the house on any stereo system, however the problem with this transmitter breaks the whole point of an FM Transmitter, it is not powerful enough, I constantly heard static through my little trips throughout town while I tested it, so I went back to the store and this time I got the none wireless Griffin iTrip Universal, this one proved to be much better, but I still struggled to get a good signal, I kept hearing a lot of noise and static through my speakers, then went back to Bestbuy and got myself The Microsoft – Premium Car Pack for All Zune MP3 Players, I love Microsoft products but come on Microsoft, this? really…..? I don’t want to even get started with this one, even though it was the most expensive of all and that I have a Zune player (I would expected it to be %100 compatible) it was horrible, I could not get a single frequency with a clear signal in the whole FM spectrum with this device, so I returned it in just 2 days.

I was about to give up on FM Transmitters, when I decided to give the Belkin Tunecast Auto FM Transmitter model  F8Z439 a try; this one proved to be a lot better than the previous ones, however after trying it out for two weeks I knew already that it was also sucky, the belkin managed to keep a solid signal most of the time while making trips around town and while going to work etc, however as soon as I got into the freeway, the story changed, I could drive more than two miles without having to change the frequency, that aside from annoying it’s very dangerous if you are driving, yet I had already made my mind to keep it since all my previous experiences were worse and it seemed to me that price made no difference either, I decided to keep the lesser of the 4 evils, it looks like the FCCs regulations along with companies not really caring much to make a good product is killing the quality of probably all the assortment in this category in the market these days.

So I kept my Belkin for a couple of weeks but deep inside I could not believe there was nothing out there that would actually work as intended, and that’s when – Praise be To God Almighty-  lol, I decided to research and came across the The Whole House FM Transmitter, If you are looking for a transmitter that actually works, be that you want it for your car, home, office, or business, then do not waste your time trying out all the worthless crap out there, make yourself a favor and go order one of these babies, you will not regret it, what’s even better, the company has just came up with version 2.0 of their product and this one seems to have been improved over its predecessor, I will be ordering a second one to use as my personal home radio station soon, that way I can stream my tunes all around the house and keep my original one for my car.

One thing I STRONGLY recommend with this device is that you attached the provided extended antenna that comes along with your order inside the package, your experience will be even greater if you do.


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May 3, 2010 3:43 am

great post as usual!

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Cd Dvd Authoring Wholesale
April 30, 2010 8:50 pm

This FM transmitter can play music off of USB keys, SD cards, or external audio inputs, such as iPods and more. Cd Dvd Authoring Wholesale

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