Just bought the Samsung UN40D6420UFXZA and I’m loving it, after following some calibration settings I found on the web for this set, and doing some minor tweaking to their recommended picture settings, I was able to achieve stunning image quality and contrast with this TV set, my changes were minimal but made a huge difference in the picture, but more on this later, I bought this set because I’m a technology freak and I couldn’t stand another month without getting into the 3D world at home, I have followed all the recent 3D releases at the movie theater and I honestly think that 3D is the next organic and normal evolution of TV, after setting up this TV, I’ve realized its 3D output is great for being just a 120Hz.

When I followed the settings recommended from several sites to the letter the picture looked dull to my taste, to people like me which prefer an image with more detail and color (aka more lively than lifelike) these changes will really help, the picture might look a little washed out at first, but give your eyes a chance to get used to it and you will be enjoying a movie like experience at home, those Standard, Natural or Dynamic pre-configured settings might look good, but they are not really giving you what the program director intended when they filmed the movie or TV program, don’t fall for the tricky, fake, unrealistic look of those settings, here’s the changes I did :


Picture Mode: Movie

Backlight: 14

Contrast: 92

Brightness: 45

Sharpness: 60 – 65 (Adjust between these values to your taste)

Color: 40 – 45 (Adjust between these values to your taste)

Tint: G50/R50

Screen adjustment submenu:

Picture Size: Screen Fit

Position: [no change]

Eco Solution submenu:

Energy Saving: Off

Eco Sensor: Off

No Signal Power Off: Off

Auto Adjustment and Screen submenus: [Grayed out]

Advanced settings submenu

Black tone: Off

Dynamic contrast: Medium

Shadow Detail: +2

Gamma: +1

Expert Pattern: Off

RGB Only Mode: Off

Color space: Custom

White Balance: [see below]

10p White Balance: On

Flesh tone: 0

Edge enhancement: Off

Motion Lighting: Off

xvYCC: Off

LED Motion Plus: On

Color Space submenu:

Red: Red 59, Green 5, Blue 0

Green: Red 20, Green 55, Blue 3

Blue: Red 0, Green 5, Blue 100

Yellow: Red 57, Green 50, Blue 0

Cyan: Red 14, Green 51, Blue 55

Magenta: Red 50, Green 5, Blue 59

White balance submenu:

R-Offset: 24

G-Offset: 25

B-Offset: 26

R-Gain: 31

G-Gain: 25

B-Gain: 25

10p White Balance submenu:

Interval 1: Red 5, Green 4, Blue 4

Interval 2: Red 0, Green 0, Blue 0

Interval 3: Red 1, Green 1, Blue 2

Interval 4: Red 0, Green 0, Blue 0

Interval 5: Red 2, Green 2, Blue 1

Interval 6: Red 0, Green 1, Blue 0

Interval 7: Red 1, Green 1, Blue 1

Interval 8: Red 2, Green 2, Blue 3

Interval 9: Red 0, Green 0, Blue 1

Interval 10: Red 0, Green 0, Blue 3

Picture options submenu

Color tone: Warm1

Digital Noise Filter: Auto

MPEG Noise Filter: Auto

HDMI black level: Normal [grayed out]

Film mode: Off [grayed out]

Auto motion plus: Custom

— Custom settings:

Blur reduction: 10

Judder reduction: 0

In my case leaving the 3D settings at its minimum gave me the best 3D output, however different people with different vision might find it better at other levels, play with it and see what’s best for you.

Some people complain about this TV not being Wi-Fi ready, well who needs Wi-Fi when you have a LAN connector on the back of the TV? just buy one of the several adaptors available and problem solved, I can’t stand streaming Netflix or YouTube via Wi-Fi because of all the buffering which ruins the viewing experience, buy this TV!

Internet content most enjoyed: Netflix, 3D Videos in the Samsung Hub, BBC Videos App, YouTube

What’s great about it: Picture Quality, 3D Picture, Features, Design, 2D to 3D conversion

What’s not so great: Remote Control, Sound (Just buy a Sound bar or any Logitech 3 In 1 Sound system)

NOTE: I posted this same review at

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James Leer
James Leer
June 12, 2012 11:41 am

Wow! Great TV! My sister loves it with every fiber of her being! Best 3d hdtv ever made according to her. I haven’t actually watched anything on it.

March 27, 2012 11:07 pm

i have problem with my UN46D6420 Samsung tv,the 4 ports dont work ,it appear black display, what can I DO THANKOU

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