In this article, you will learn how to correct the search engine in the context menu in Chrome if it suddenly changed to an unwanted one, as well as how to even change to one that does not appear as an option in the default search engine selection. (More on that later)

Sometimes we find that our search engine in the context menu in the Chrome browser has been abruptly changed to one that we don’t recognize or isn’t our favorite.

This can happen due to unethical actions by some extension or theme we have previously installed in Chrome. If you are an old Chrome user you probably know how to correct the situation, but however if you are a newbie, then this article is for you. Also in some cases if you notice unexpected changes in the search engine, you may have malware. Although in Linux this is not a common problem, it could happen.

Let’s say that while browsing you mark a paragraph on a certain page “Deepin 20 Beta” with the idea of doing a Google search on that topic. However you notice that now the option has changed and Google no longer appears in the search option, but instead a strange machine appears. Follow the next steps to correct this problem.

Unwanted Search Engine in Chrome
Set your default search engine
  • On your computer, open Chrome.
  • At the top right, click the three-point menu, then select: “Settings”.
  • Then in the left sidebar go to: “Search Engine”.
  • Select a new default search engine.
Select a Search Engine

That’s it, close the settings tab and go back to the page where you tried to do the search, then you will notice that now Google will be the selected engine to search when you perform searches or attempt to do a search by means of right-clicking and selecting “Search for…” in Chrome’s context menu.

Google now appears as a search engine in the context menu

With the method explained so far you can switch to another default search engine. But what if you want to add a custom one? Not always Google, Bing, etc can be what we prefer. Fortunately, there is the possibility to add one of your own initiative.

Add a search engine even if it does not appear in the selection of possible options

  • Open Chrome, go to (or another page)
  • Place the cursor over the URL bar.
  • Right-click on the text entry box or the search bar.
  • In the context menu select “Edit search engines”.
  • In the new window click “Add”.
  • In the new window add the three options needed to add your own search engine.

Search engines are now a part of our daily lives, whether it’s looking for Christmas presents or where the nearest coffee shop is open before 7am, or finding the best grill in town. People are increasingly relying on search engines to get the answer to their daily questions. So having our favorite engine and not one that we are forced to use is important.

If you found the reading useful or have any additional questions on the subject let us know by way of a comment.

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