Peace Doves

Is peace on earth an impossible dream?  don’t jump to conclusions with a quick  answer to that question, think about the possibility of a world where everyone would have the same rights, a world where the laws and global system would be a fair one for everyone, a world where all human beings had the ability to live a life where their culture and traditions would be respected, a world where all races could live a good life.

Hatred sadly, is a much more powerful uniting factor than love. God and national plans, unlike hatred, can seldom unite people in an enthusiastic mass effort. This hate is evident in the many devotees of several world religions these days who go to rallies chanting slogans, and then to war against one another rushing in passionate hate rather than in gentle, caring devotion. The very core believe of most religions is supposed to fundamentally  be the preaching of peace and harmony. Fundamentalism is a most inappropriate word for the fanaticism of the ignorant and prejudiced. Every religion began with the simple spiritual messages of humble prophets or sages and was practiced without mosques, temples or churches.

Peace On Earth What if we taught our children things that would make them live their lives with the skills and values needed to get along with others all the years of their lives on this planet? what if we would show them love instead of hate and teach them to have peace as a paramount on their lives instead of war? showing them the ways of building without destroying; what if we taught our children to have their own ideals and use them as a mean of respect to what others believe?  what if we taught them to help the other instead of just letting them go through their own personal problems all alone? perhaps then the men and women of the future would not to step on their fellow neighbors in the road of accomplishing personal goals.

Those who have celebrated the birth of the Christ every new year know His Gospel was straightforward: “Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called the Children of God.” Peace is the God-like spiritual value to heal a Silent Castillotemporal world wracked with war, torture and deceit.

Yet how many of those who say Jesus is the reason for the Season act as though the Sermon on the Mount was delivered by some victorious politician of Capitol Hill (the White House or any other government office building in a different country of the world) simply mixing God and Patriotism in a toxic cauldron of war? Certainly you didn’t hear flag-cocooned governments resolving for peace last year’s eve nor will you in the New Year. Whatever happened to Peace on Earth and to us?

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Sasha Cohen
Sasha Cohen
June 19, 2008 3:22 pm

Hey!…Thanks for the nice read, keep up the interesting posts..what a nice Thursday . Sasha Cohen

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