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Nexus 6P How to fix the yellow tint screen issue

Nexus 6PJust a few days after purchasing my Nexus 6P I couldn’t help it but notice the screen on my precious 6P had a slightly yellowish tint on the screen, first I tried to ignore it, I thought perhaps it was just my imagination or the type of graphics or pages I was looking at, but after a few more days I was convinced there was an issue with my Nexus 6P,  pages with totally white backgrounds looked slightly yellowish.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love this phone and I believe it’s simply the best phone I have ever had, I would buy it again in an instant, but this tint issue needed fixing,

The Fix

After researching a lot I could not come up with a solution, many people commented on the internet about how increasing the brightness of the device seemed to make the problem go away, but here I was increasing brightness to %100 with no improvement outcome, it became clear to me that brightness had nothing to do with the yellow tint on the screen.

That’s when it occurred to me that perhaps I should look into the store and find an app that would let me configure device settings other than just brightness,  after some searching on the store I found an application called “Screen Adjuster Free”.



This app does the magic trick, it has several settings that are not available under Android’s regular Screen settings configuration, it gives you options such as adjusting of the ‘red’ ‘green’ and ‘blue’ hues for your screen, it also has a setting to directly adjust your device’s brightness, but what we want to do here is adjust the “blue” hue on the device, in my personal case I have found that setting the “blue” slider to “+9” absolutely removes the yellowish tint on my Nexus 6P!

Side Effect

Now there’s one small negative side effect as of the time of the posting of this article with the latest version of Android Marshmallow  6.0.1 (which looks like a bug in Marshmallow and which might be fixed later on by Google with upcoming updates) when Screen Adjuster Free is enabled you might find yourself with a error that goes like “Screen Overlay detected, please go to Settings to disable it” or something around those lines whenever you attempt to change settings or permission’s on certain apps, to get around this issue simply momentarily disable “Screen Adjuster Free” by opening the app and clicking on the “Adjuster ON/OFF” setting, that’s all about it, once you set it to “OFF” you can go to the app  you were trying to change settings for and do whatever you wanted to do , once you are done go back to “Screen Adjuster Free” and turn it back to “ON”.

You can grab the app now from the Google Play Store Here.

If you have any questions simply post a comment below and tell me about  your experience while using the app, was this fix good for you? any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated.


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  1. Tom Walts

    This really fixed it for me, thanks a million!

  2. Eli

    Hey Tom, I’m glad my post was of some help to you and thank you so much for visiting, hope to see you again soon!

  3. ayush kumar

    Sir i have heard that even when the screen adjuster app is running the bottom navigation bar remains unaffected and the colour difference can be seen when we are on the home screen.while watching videos and movies the bottom navigation bar dissapears.once the navigation bar dissapears can we see any colour difference anywhere on the screen? Please do answer sir

  4. Ayush kumar

    Sir i have heard that evsn when the screen adjuster app is running the bottom navigation bar remains unaffrected and the slight colour difference in that area can be seen.while watching movies and videos the navigation bar dissapears . Once the navigation bar goes can we see any colour difference whatsoever anywhere on the screen? Please please do answer

  5. ayush kumar

    Sir i have heard that the bottom navigation app remains unaffected even though the screen adjuster app is running and the slight colour difference can be seen in the bottom bar when we are one the home screen.sir my question is wgen we are watching videos or movies on the 6p the bottom navigation bar dissapears so do we see nay colour difference whatsoever anywhere on the scree.? Please do answer sir.please

  6. Eli

    Hello Ayush Kumar, thanks for visiting, in my case I do not see any difference with the botton bar, once the app is installed and running there’s no yellowish tint anywhere on the screen, regardless of bar visible or not, however your experience might vary, looks like the experience and area affected on the screen is not exactly the same for everybody, I say try the phone and you can always ask for a replacement or return it if it doesn’t meet your needs.
    Also you can try it yourself in one of the places where it is being sold, ie: Bestbuy. I hope this helps, if you have any other questions, please ask.

  7. Ayush kumar

    Do you mean there is no colour difference between the screen and the bottom navigation bar even when the app is running? I have heard that the bottom navigation bar remains unaffected even when the app is running and only the notification bar and the screen is affected by the app.sir can you do one thing for me. Go to the app turn the screen adjuster app on and slide the blue hue to 100% temporarily and go back to the home screen and check if the entire screen including the navigation bar has turned blue . Sir i want to buy a nexus 6p and it is necessary for me to know if the screen adjister app fixes the screen issue everywhere.sir please do what i told you and see if the screen adjuster affects change in the entire screen.please do answer sir

  8. Eli

    Ayush, You are right, the navigation bar is not affected by the app, however does this really matter? nothing is displayed under the navigation bar, I highly doubt it that you will notice anything as the navigation bar stays either blank or black most of the time or it takes the same color as the background app, sorry didn’t have time to take a screenshot for you, if you still need a screenshot I will, let me know.

  9. Ayush kumar

    Send me a screenshot i just want to know how much the difference is . Is it minimal?

  10. Eli

    If you increase the blue hue to %100 as you suggest of course the difference will be great, because the bar is not affected by the app at all, but under regular usage you would hardly notice any difference if any, I will send you a screenshot.

  11. Ayush kumar

    Sir can you send me screenshots when the blue is at 9% and you are on the home screen and are using the stock Android wallpaper that comes with marshmallow

  12. Ayush kumar

    I hope the colour difference between the navigation bar and the screen when the blue hue is 9% is negligible and cant be sen with our eyes

  13. Eli

    Ayush Kumar, here’s what it looks like with the default wallpaper and the app at my suggested %9.


  14. Ayush kumar

    Sir you said that there will be some screen overlaying detected messages that appear in some apps when the screen adjuster app is on. Sir can you show me how the message comes up on the screen. It would be great if you send me a screen shot of the same and post it over here in your reply post or send it to me via email. Please do reply.

  15. Ayush kumar

    Sir one more thing set the yellow wallpaper that comes bundled with nexus6p. It has some landscape and mountains in it. Set that wallpaper as your home page. Now adjust the screen brightness to 100% in the notification bar. Now go to the screen adjuster app adjust the blue hue to +9 and just don’t touch the screen brightness setting now in the app. Just adjust the screen brightness to 100% in the notification bar toggle provided by default. Now go back to the home screen. I have heard that with this arrangement even the slightest colour difference with this arrangement is impossible to be seen. Sir can you verify and send me a screen shot of the same to my email or post it here on this blog. Please sir please reply.

  16. Eli

    Ayush Kumar, fortunately (Or maybe not?) the message has stopped popping up, however yesterday I was trying to install an .apk file for my smartwatch and despite having change my settings on Android to accept side loaded .apk files the file would not run no matter what I did, so after disabling the “Adjuster Screen Free” app the .apk file was able to run and I was able to install it, so there’s still issues while running this app unfortunately, just be sure to disable it momentarily whenever you encounter a weird issue and you should be fine, I’m really running busy this week, but let’s see if I can grab some more screenshots for you during the weekend.

  17. Ayush kumar

    Sir I had asked you one more question about the yellow wallpaper. Sir I have heard that When the yellow wallpaper is kept on the background as your default home screen there is no color difference on the bottom navigation bar. Even the slightest color difference is impossible to be seen. Read by second last comment and please reply with a screen shot. Keep the brightness of the phone to 100% and do keep the screen adjuster app on and blue hue adjusted to +9. Please do reply sir. I beg you

  18. Eli

    Ayush kumar I’m not sure which wallpaper you are referring to, hopefully this is the one, here’s a screenshot with the blue hue set to +9 and system brightness to %100, hope this helps.


  19. Ayush kumar

    sir are both the front firing speakers of nexus 6p equally loud?send me the screenshot of screen overlay detected.and the yellow wallpaper fixes the color difference issue in the bottom navigation bar isnt it

  20. Vikram

    Eli, Dont you think this is a hardware issue? I have the same yellowish tint on my Nexus 6P and I was wondering if the screen wasn’t calibrated properly or AMOLEDS are such.

  21. Eli

    Ayush here’s a screenshot of how the screen overlay warning appears, the speakers are equal in my opinion.

    Vikram, thanks for visiting my blog and for posting, I do believe this is more of a software issue than anything else, as you can see a simple app without even having root privileges can almost correct the problem, hopefully Google will fix this in upcoming software update.


  22. Ayush p

    Sir nexus 6p has recieved a lot of updates now. Is the screen yellow fixed? Or still the yellow tint is there and one has to still use the screen adjuster app to fix the yellow tint issue on the nexus 6p?

  23. Eli

    Ayush p, No, there hasn’t been any changes on these regards so far, the issue is still there.

  24. yogesh

    if you’re using oreo then try color correction option. It solved my problem ??

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