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Next version of RoboForm to support Microsoft Edge Browser

RoboForm remembers passwords so that you don't have to

If you are like me, you probably hate having to remember so many passwords these days, we have to remember our Windows computer’s password, our tablet’s password, our e-mail accounts passwords, our phone’s passwords, our work stations passwords and so on and so on… well you got the idea.

Luckily for us that’s when software programs such as “Siber Sytems’s RoboForm” or “LastPass” come to the rescue and help us live easier lives by offering us the ability to utilize all those countless login credentials with the click of the mouse or the touch of one finger without having to remember one single one of them.

Unfortunately not all browsers are supported by these programs. and with the ever increasing realm of different platforms and devices we find that every day new players come into place, this makes it difficult for companies such as Siber Systems (one of the major – if not the main software developer in this space) to support them all. one of the latest additions to the market; “Microsoft Edge”, (a.k. a Project Spartan) the soon to become Windows default browser is set to replace “Internet Explorer” and take the market by storm being that it will be integrated into “Windows 1o” Microsoft’s newest and greatest upcoming operating system, which according to many sources is expected to be released to manufacturers this July.  Set to be included and installed in every single Windows computer and Windows Mobile Tablet or phone to be sold in the next few years Edge will be the browser of choice for millions of people around the world and definitely one major player in the browser race , while others like me will probably switch to this new browser. therefore Siber System’s support for the upcoming browser is imperative if the company wants to keep their top dog position in the Password Manager space.

If you are a RoboForm user who loves to get the latest technologies and being on the cutting edge (No pun intended ) you might be wondering what’s the prognosis on RoboForm ever supporting Microsoft’s brand new browser,  well I’m pleased to announce that you may rejoice as support for Edge is going to happen for sure. I was informed today by the company that with the release of RoboForm’s new version we would be hearing news on the matter, according to them (and I quote):

Regarding the new Spartan/Edge browser, we need more time for testing RoboForm with it. Certainly we will inform about the new browser support in the release notes of the new RoboForm version when it will be available.

So there you have it, Siber Systems is already testing Edge and we can rest assured that support for it will be coming sometime soon.

Now when exactly this new version release becomes available is still unknown, also taking into consideration that the last major new version release of the software came to light in 2011 with version 7 (despite many smaller version build numbers releases and updates coming out afterwards of course), I would imagine we shouldn’t have to wait much longer than the end of this year for a new version to come out, do you have any ideas of questions or newer information about the topic? please let me know by posting a comment below in this article.

Do you prefer any other Password Manager or know of any other software which supports Microsoft Edge/Spartan browser as a Password Manager? oh and let’s not forget that Microsoft Edge itself comes with a password manager of its own, while never measuring up to what a dedicated password manager can do, this will certainly help until Siber Systems and others step up to the game.

All comments and suggestions are welcome I would like to hear your opinions!

Update 1: According to Siber Systems at this point 08/15/16 they are indeed working on an extension for Microsoft Edge. and I quote: "We are in the process of developing an extension to be used with Edge. However, we cannot predict when Edge will begin to include support for more extensions, the open framework for extensions support is not yet available to the vast majority of extensions developers, including RoboForm."
Update 2: RoboForm for Microsoft Edge is now available.


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  1. I am so thankful that RoboForm is going to put out a version compatible with MS Edge. I really don’t like Edge as it is now but was particularly upset that RoboForm did not function with it. I downloaded and installed RoboForm in the virtual Win 10 and found that it would not open my saved passcodes without being in the toolbar. I can open RoboForm and logins from the icon in the taskbar but that will not insert passcode into login page. I understand from some articles that IE will be available for use for the foreseeable future but will be phased out down the road. In MS edge there is under more options the choice to open Edge with IE so for now we will be ok.

  2. Albert Weggeman

    Certainly is one of the things that is necessary for RoboForm to do – work with Edge. If MS is going to drop IE, I don’t want to lose connectivity to RoboForm or have to go to a non-MS browser.

  3. I would not be without RoboForm with about 300 passwords I need it. Have used RoboForm for over 10 years and was worrying because I could not get the toolbar at the top of window in Windows 10. Thanks RoboForm.

  4. Kirk Davis

    YES I agree with all……….and we need IT fast!!!!! 🙂

  5. John Row

    With the release of Windows 10 one day away no download of RoboForm available for Win10 from the Siber Systems website not even a beta, and not even a mention of Windows 10 or when/if they will support Edge….Siber Systems really dropped the ball.

  6. We will still be able to use Internet Explorer on Windows 10 for now. RoboForm says they will have a version to work with MS Edge in next update. Let’s hope. I was able to install RoboForm into Preview version of Window 10 but cannot simply click on the websites and have RoboForm insert username and password from a toolbar. Hopefully RoboForm will provide a way to have the same function in Edge as we now have in IE 11.

  7. Jeff

    Wel day 1 after, roboform defintiely does not work with Edge. Saw on the facebook page of roboform them acknowledging that Edge will not presently let any add ons to their program but roboform hoping it will go like the Chrome introduction which was initially not add ons but in time they saw the error in their ways. So we wait and see.

  8. I just installed Windows 10 and I’m disappointed that RoboForm does not work with Edge. I have used RoboForm for many years and have hundreds passcards. Not to mention I click to add info to forms. There is a feature on Edge that allows you to open the current webpage in IE. Just click the 3 dots in the upper right and click open in IE.

  9. Ken

    Just installed Windows 10. Yes RoboForm doesn’t work with Edge. No problem just use Google Chrome.

  10. Eli

    Hey guys, thanks for visiting, Edge will have extensions support very soon, probably as soon as next month, it will then be possible for Siber systems to support Edge.

  11. Albert Weggeman

    Since MS already has IE that works with Roboform what’s the problem with making Bing work with RF?

  12. mark suggs

    Chrome is still available in windows 10 and my roboform works in chrome.

  13. Martin

    I agree with Ken – use Google Chrome for the time being, but leave a comment on W10 that you are doing so, and why !

  14. Larry

    You can access IE 11 RoboForm via the (…) tab on the far right address bar on Edge. From there, at least on my laptop, RoboForm works just fine.

  15. Yes, I did say you could still use IE 11 in Windows 10. They said they will phase IE out over time but for now we can use the toolbar in IE 11 to access our accounts with passwords. Talked with an MVP from MS and he told me that.

  16. Peter

    I too have used Roboform for over 10 years. Contacted their support who confirmed it is coming in the next release BUT I also understand that Edge when released July 29th had not yet released support for extensions so it seems that even if Roboform where ready they could not run it yet. I have no idea when extension support for Edge will be released so for now I continue I use Crome. Perhaps others have news.

  17. Phyllis Van Campen

    For right now I am still using IE 11 with the RoboForm toolbar. I have RoboForm installed in Edge however can only get to the icon from taskbar which does not allow me to just click on a site and auto sign-in. It’s there when Microsoft lets Edge work right.

  18. Friedel

    Solange RoboForm nicht mit Edge funktioniert , kann Win 10 mir gestohlen bleiben.

  19. Eugeuen

    As a long-time beta tester of Windows 10 (since October 2014), I really did NOT expect Roboform to work with the Edge browser by Windows 10 official release.

    I hate to say this, but I expect it between January and March of 2016 (and MAYBE a beta version that works with Edge in November or December this year). This is mostly because Microsoft still hasn’t gotten it all together with Edge in general.

    Edge is still a very incomplete browser. It allows you to surf the web, and that’s about it. Feature-wise, it’s missing a boatload of useful features that all other browsers have, especially in the plugins/add-ons/extensions (whatever the official term is for Edge) department. I don’t see how Roboform can work in Edge without some form of extensions support. And this is Microsoft’s responsibility.

    Edge is NOT an option for me to use as an every-day browser. In fact, I don’t use it at all and a bigger reason (of many) is because of Roboform. For my line of work, I NEED a browser password manager like Roboform to manage the 400+ website logins for my customers that I use everyday!

  20. Albert Weggeman

    If MS doesn’t make Edge have the same functionality as IE 11, it’s not worth having as a browser. I’m not giving up Roboform! I agree with comments from others and hope we don’t have to waits months for a solution from MS. Edge also has other problems – like easily establishing printer settings.

  21. Lia

    Just installed W10 and cannot find any version of RoboForm that works with it. Is there any word on a compatible version yet?

  22. geminiman7

    Everyone, Microsoft Edge currently does NOT support extensions/plugins. I’m shocked that many of you are blaming Siber instead of Microsoft.

    MICROSOFT dropped the ball with Edge. Edge is still an “early beta” browser and lacks a ton of functionality/features as of December 2015. The next version of Edge that will support extensions (like RoboForm) isn’t being released until around June 2016. We have a long wait unfortunately 🙁

  23. Phyllis Van Campen

    Microsoft is going to release a newer version of Edge next year. Someone said maybe in January which will support extensions and then RoboForm will work for us.

  24. PeteSut

    Not compatible with Edge as of March 10th and counting. C’mon Microsoft!

  25. Mikey70

    It is not RoboForm’s fault that it is not supported in MS Edge – the problem lies with Microsoft and Edge still not supporting 3rd party extensions but that is about to change when MS updates Windows 10 and by default, Edge with the upcoming ‘Redstone’ update.

  26. freefly

    and things are right where they started

  27. FredBK

    June 9, 2016 and still no RoboForm for Edge. While this may well be more Microsoft’s fault than Siber Systems it would be nice if someone from Siber could confirm or deny whether or not support for Edge is ever going to happen.

  28. Eddie

    Its obviously not MS fault as most of the other password managers have now released extensions…..I wonder what RoboForm do with my subscription money….not keeping up with the completion that’s for sure.

  29. Phyllis Van Campen

    I chatted with customer service for RoboForm and they say it is up to MS to provide the extension for RoboForm to work with Microsoft Edge. I see that there are several extensions in the Microsoft store but RoboForm is not one of them. Let’s hope Microsoft provides that extension so we can use our RoboForm!

  30. Shaun Tonks

    So the Anniversary update has arrived and Microsoft Edge now supports 3rd party extensions, so where do we stand now with Siber Systems.
    Seriously thinking about not renewing my subscription.

  31. FredBK

    While it is MS responsibility to provide the actual tie-in for the extension in Edge it is RoboForm’s repsonsibility to add the capability to their code and provide it to MS for inclusion. I suspect there is a lack of responsiveness on both sides of this issue. Kind of like the chicken or the egg quandry.

  32. Eli

    Guys according to Siber Systems the open framework for extensions support is not yet available to the vast majority of extensions developers, including RoboForm, so it looks like we might need to keep waiting a bit longer, I have updated the article to reflex this.

  33. Eddie

    The thing is this…Roboform used to be the number one…..and Microsoft choose a number of other password managers to showcase Extensions. Where does that put it going forward…I’d rather be with a company that has the OS support.

  34. Albert Weggeman

    C’mon MS, if IE 11 can work with RoboForm, why not Edge? Fix it !

  35. datrebor

    I did the update on windows 10 to the anniversary and it says it works with extensions. So where is the extension for RoboForm Everywhere?

  36. Eli

    datrebor hi, did you read my update at the bottom of the article above? they are working on the plugin but it depends on and it’s up to Microsoft when to accept it/review it and then publish it to the store so people can download and use it, so it looks like we will still need to wait a while longer, sad I know.

  37. Phyllis Van Campen

    I downloaded in installed RoboForm through Edge. It is set up to start when I start Windows and when I click on the RoboForm icon in taskbar by clock it brings up menu. I click on logons and get my page of passcodes and am able to click to go to web sites.

  38. FredBK

    Reply to Phyllis Van Campen:

    I think that you are referring to the RoboForm app which is available in the MS Store. It does install and run well and uses your Roboform Everywhere account to synchronize your data but it uses its own customized browser not Edge. It is is not an extension which runs from inside of Edge.

  39. Phyllis Van Campen

    I know be we can do that until the extension comes out.

  40. Eli

    And in case nobody has noticed RoboForm Extension for Microsoft Edge has now been available for a while.

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