YouTube HD Well… a few days ago YouTube closed my channel because of some videos I uploaded, I understand their reasons so I don’t blame them, what I don’t understand is the companies behind it forcing YouTube to shut down channels which contain their material which is copyrighted, what difference does the URL where their content is being played from makes to them? all that matters is that when their content is played they are paid their royalties and that proper credit is giving to the provider and the artists, right? it looks that they are not willing of course to share part of the pie with YouTube though and rather than to make their content available to everyone by other means, they simply in many instances don’t make it even available to the public at all, like in the case of my channel where the offending material was NOT available anywhere else.

Some content providers however do work with YouTube and allow users to post their copyrighted material and simply require YouTube to add a link to the provider and to also include advertisement on the video page, that seems to me like the right approach that every content provider should follow, is it that hard?

Anyway I have a new YouTube channel, which by the way is in many ways better than the previous one, with the exception that I have no subscribers now lol and I lost all favorites and friends, hopefully I will find them again soon, as you probably know YouTube has started allowing the upload of HD files to their site, therefore some of my videos are now in HD (well Near HD) and also some of the videos I had before are now High Quality and I have fixed letterboxing etc. you can visit my new channel at: enjoy and don’t forget to post some comments and rate my videos!

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