Gateway FX 6800-01 Intel® Core i-7 920 System My old PC was getting old, I have been with it for a while and since I love beta testing for Microsoft and I want to fully test Windows 7 I decided it was time for some PC shopping, I could of had built up my own rig, but I always prefer to buy a good system off the market then upgrade at my own taste and pace, I’m lazy to go buy every single part on line etc; so after looking at what was being offered in terms of OEM PCs I decided to go for the Gateway Model: FX6800-01e this baby comes packed with the latest Intel® i-7 Quad Core CPU the Intel CoreT i7-920 Processor along with the RADEON HD 4850 graphics by ATI and 3GBs of DDR3 memory, I’m planning on soon upgrading to at least 6 more GBs of RAM and probably add extra hard drives and set up some RAID 0 array for optimal performance.

Last night I was ready to put this system to the test and in every thing I tried I notice this monster can take anything you throw at it and the CPU will not even notice it, streaming HD movies content from it to my PS3 was a dream come true as well as editing video which used to be a very tedious work on my old PC.

It came with Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition 64-bit operating system with Service Pack 1 (SP1) preinstalled but I immediately made a fresh installed of Windows 7 x64 on it which by the way runs so smoothly, this is my first time ever testing a 64BIT operating system so I’m really enjoying this, I can hardly remember this is still a beta OS, can’t wait to test future builds on this system, my only concern right now are drivers and how good they will install in future builds of Win7, I’ll keep you updated. (Note: Just added 3GBs more of RAM for a total of 6GB, system can take up to 16GBs! but I don’t think that’s necessary for now lol)

Check it out HERE

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March 17, 2009 2:44 pm

I purchased the same exact model from Best Buy about a month ago. Only upgrades I’ve done to mine so far are that I added an additional 4850 video card, and upgraded the PSU to a Thermaltake 850watt. I plan on adding a bit more ram, probably another 3gb as you mentioned doing with yours. I’ll also throw a little bit of a warning at you: although this computer can handle quite a bit with all the stock parts, adding another video card definitely heats up the inside of the case to the point that it will crash a lot… Read more »

March 7, 2009 4:05 pm

I have the same model…really love it (although I’ve had some problems with software compatibility). Anyway, I started messing around with the RAID 0 stuff today, and I’m just not getting it. Wondering if you were able to get your RAID set up. And if so, how’d you do it?


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