Finally got around designing my own WordPress theme, and well you can see the results yourself lol, I’m still playing around with it, not totally satisfied with colors etc, so I most definitely will tweak it in the upcoming days, but it was already time for a change, my previous theme was over  a year old and besides nothing being wrong with it however, it was boring already. If you usually visit my site from a mobile phone, you will not see any changes because the mobile theme has not changed at all,  it’s only the main site look that was modified for now.

I still need to update some areas of my blog such as the current look of my desktop etc, heck I don’t even use Windows Vista any more lol, anyway I hope my visitors enjoy the new look and if you have any suggestions please let me know, once again thanks for reading me.

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Paulo Felix
Paulo Felix
December 15, 2009 8:34 am

Oi, Ely, “my brother”:
Faz um tempão que não nos falamos, “né”?
Eu vi as mudanças feitas no seu site. Você sabe mesmo fazer um site…
Eu, porém estou no começo apenas. Estou fazendo um curso de “Web design”. Dê uma olhada no meu site: http://www.ptjfelixonline.com. Sua opinião, nem preciso dizer, é muuuuuuito importante! Um enorme abraço. Paulo.

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