by Luis Rogelio Nogueras
Translation by Eli

Do not try to settle your hands on its innocent
neck (even the softest caress would seem to her
like the brutal handling of the executioner).
do not try to whisper your love or your sorrow to her
(your voice would scare her as the thunder in the middle of the night).
Do not touch the water of the lagoon do not breathe
To be yours it would have to die.

Be content with its wild distance
with her foreign beauty
(if it turns the head hide between the grass).
Do not break the charm of this summer evening.
Swallow your impossible love.
Love it like it is, free.
Love the way in which it ignores that you exist.
Love the wild swan.

The above is a recent translation I made from a famous poem by the Cuban poet Luis Rogelio Nogueras, I wanted to start the year in my blog with something that reflex part of what I am, Poetry is part of me so what’s better than a good poem? specially when this poem is my favorite of all time.

Bellow is the original poem as it was written in Spanish, If you know Spanish I’m sure you will appreciate it.

by Luis Rogelio Nogueras

No intentes posar tus manos sobre su inocente
cuello (hasta la mas suave caricia le pareceri­a el
brutal manejo del verdugo).
No intentes susurrarle tu amor o tus penas
(tu voz lo asustari­a como un trueno en medio de la
No remuevas el agua de la laguna no respires
Para ser tuyo tendri­a que morir.

Confórmate con su salvaje lejanía
con su ajena belleza
(si vuelve la cabeza escóndete entre la hierba).
No rompas el hechizo de esta tarde de verano.
Trágate tu amor imposible.
Ámalo libre.
Ama el modo en que ignora que tú existes.
Ama al Cisne Salvaje.

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May 31, 2010 4:55 am

Hello Ely
Thank you so much for your translation. Just read the poem as part of a an exhibition @ the Amos Anderson art museum in Helsinki.
Think it was in Teemu Maki’s Why video.
Bye for now &
Kind regards

omar laffita
omar laffita
November 7, 2008 4:15 pm

i’d say:

“your voice would scare her as THE thunder in the middle of the night”

The article THE would make the sound stronger and particular, in a way. What do u think? 😛

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