AIM 6.9 Today AOL released an update to its flagship instant messenger client AIM, this time it was version, I’m shocked at the little changes made; Looks like they are barely maintaining it; look at the changes on this build:

  • Get status updates from your friends on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
  • Missing someone from your Buddy List? Find them easily with simple look up tools.
  • It’s free! There is no subscription required

LOL Yeap, that’s the official change log, as if the little changes weren’t enough to alarm old time AIM followers, AOL has reverted back to the old AIM logo: that is the little yellow man, yes the red AIM icon is gone, I think AIM is on the way out; I haven’t even felt the need to install it on my computer for the last year or so, Last time I gave it a try it was ugly and felt slow and didn’t look good with Windows Vista at all, most of my friends have migrated to either Windows Live Messenger or Yahoo (Which sucks IMHO).
Hard to believe and sad to see one of the oldest applications on the net, once also one of the most popular ones dying like this, I think this is just a sign of the slow and painful death AOL itself is going through; what happened AOL? how did you let yourself fall from grace like that? you used to own the internet.

Get it HERE if you feel curious about it.

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September 30, 2010 12:44 am

aol died but aim carried on long after but it’s dying too it seems. during hs and college all my groups of friends were on AIM. we’d all chat all the time. those days are no more. facebook is probably the biggest reason. and frankly i find facebook disgusting and i first started using it way back when it was avail to maybe less than half of all US colleges only. aim was all about your true identity standing behind a nick and you only had to reveal who you were if you wanted as how it was elsewhere back… Read more »

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