I just got my HTC – HD7, I simply love this phone, it’s fast, and it has all the features I would expect from a phone. WP7 is a truly fresh start for Microsoft, being a new OS it is amazing how smoothly it works and how feature complete it is.

There’re a few bits missing like copy and paste, but this is soon to be fixed in an upcoming update, which will also bring lots of new exciting features, within the next few months coming this phone will become only better.

Some people are experiencing issues logging into Facebook, what I did to fix the problem was to remove the FB account from the phone, then go to Facebook and change my password to an ALL lowercase password (no CAPS) then re-create the FB account on the phone and presto! it worked.

People who are not computer savvy might complain that you cannot put music on the phone, again WRONG! all you need to do is to install the Zune software on your PC, then connect your phone to your PC via the Mini-USB port and then sync your .mp3s with the phone by simply dragging and dropping, no brainer, works like a charm.

It’s incredible all the integration and features included with it, I give this device 5 stars, get one you wont regret it!

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