Happiness Many people go through life pursuing happiness, some get involved in politics and go to great lengths in achieving change in many areas of how their country or community stands to their citizens, others choose to enjoy the most out of life by living a lifestyle of self enjoyment, sex and instant gratification,  while others turn to religion and its more extreme faces of fanatism and fundamentalism.

nevertheless the vast majority of the above examples turn out to be the best exponents of unhappiness; how then can human beings be happy? how can we enjoy life without hurting ourselves, the ones around us, those we love? there are things you can do to obtain true happiness.

Being optimistic, never thinking that the future is dark and hopeless, even though you might be walking barefoot through rough terrains there’s always better times at the turn of the road, avoid reading or watching too much negative news, do not talk too much with people that are very negative or pessimistic, everything passes in life, nothing is eternal, eventually you will get out of that hole you are in, a brighter future awaits you, keep that on your mind and truly believe it, if you do so, you will find yourself less frustrated and less depressed.

Take notice, yes, literally write down every good thing that happens to you every week, even those small details; people who realize their blessings are definitely happier, perhaps great things will not happen to you every week there’s however always positive aspects of every situation, remember things can go wrong, but they could have gone even worse and they didn’t, it doesn’t matter if you fall, what’s important is to stand up and keep walking.

Search for and be aware of what your advantages as an individual are, then use them in new ways, for example, perhaps you know you are good joker, why not start with the practice of cracking a few jokes everyday at work? your co-workers will laugh and feel a connection with you because you made their day’s work easier, and you yourself will find out the day went by sooner, you will feel great when you make others laugh, you know you are good at something, we are all good at things others are not, take it from there and shine among others, try new ways to use your own inner resources.

Be grateful to others, yes you might think everyday that someone is very nice to you, and be very appreciative of what they have done in your life, but have you ever told them? do they know you hold such a great level of appreciation for their good did? telling others how much you value their good works to you will give you a sense of inner fulfilling and will increase your internal peace.

Have fun, take a walk in the park, see children playing, go to the beach at sunset, watch with attention how the waves break against the sand or against your feet, practice a new dance, learn a new language, play a game, buy a camera and take pictures of things you like during your boring day, as the hours progress you would have turned it into a not so boring day after all, how about reading a holy book? bring spirituality into your life.

Get involved in acts of kindness, it turns out that helping others also helps ourselves, donating time and money to charities or people in need, assist others with whatever it is you can do for them, doing this and the above examples continuously will bring improvements in your own happiness, stop waiting for happiness to arrive, like a car waiting for the road to move, go and bring it into your life, a lasting increase in happiness depends on you and how you relate to and appreciate others, that’s the secret to a happy life that’s hidden in plain site, now you know it.

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