Got my Zune! Yeap, this was a sweet and sour weekend for me, all made possible by the Broward County sheriff office, thank you! While being already late and heading to the annual Jehovah’s Witnesses 3-day convention, anxious to see and share memorable moments with my dear brothers and sisters I was issued a $230 speeding ticket for going at 85MPH in a 65MPH zone lol, I know I deserve it, and If there’s anything at all to say in my defense, I would just say one thing: “Hey this is the second ticket I ever get in my entire life!” lol anyway, I already saw a lawyer and I hopefully it won’t affect my Driving License record.

Flash Memory 8GB Black ZuneOn the other hand I finally became the proud owner of an 8GB Flash Memory Black Zune, if you read my blog regularly you probably know last year I purchased an MP3/MP4 player, this player has served me good for over a year now, in fact the little thing still seem to work good but it’s the headphones it came with that appear to have given up on me, the device needs a special type of headphones and I wasn’t willing to order and wait for it to come on the mail, I needed it for the trip (can’t stand the music my family listens to while we travel by car lol) so I made the trip to Bestbuy and got this Zune which so far I love,  it has simple, Innovative Controls and it is a breeze to use with intuitive touch controls. I no longer need to subject myself with cumbersome, slow scrolling. The innovative new Zune pad makes browsing my music, video and picture collections fun and effortless. I can fly through my favorites and get to just what I’m looking for in no time flat. This powerhouse device stores up to 2,000 songs, 25,000 pictures, or 25 hours of video.

It also has an FM Radio receiver which is one of the main reasons that made me get the Zune over the iPod, the receiver is also digital so it allows you to see the name of the station you are listening to as well as the title and/or the artist of the song you are currently listening to, only downside on this feature is that it does not allow recording of the radio stations, this is one of the things I’m missing on it that my MP4 player has.

The Zune also features wireless sync and Zune-to-Zune sharing, that means if you are in a place where there’s a nearby Zune owner, you two can share music, videos or pictures easily among your devices.

MDR-EX55LP-DETAIL I disliked the headphones that came with the Zune, so I picked the $149 Shure headphones at Bestbuy, they were a total waste of money, returned them and even tried the Microsoft Premium headphones that are sold at Circuit City but I hated them too because I could not feel the bass at all, I listen to a lot of Trance and other music with lots of bass and it was totally missing on these headphones.

MDR-EX55LP So I returned them and got the Sony’s MDR-EX55LP High Performance Earbuds for just $39.99, these headphones are amazing, outputting amazing bass, sweet highs and mids, this goes out to tell you that brand name and price sometimes doesn’t say everything about a product.

Ok that was enough ranting for today, peace.

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July 22, 2008 5:31 pm

slow down man! lol hey I have a Zune too and I love it, why not get the 80GB?

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