Pearl Z MP4 Player 1.8 inch LCD Display 2GB - Black

Loaded with 2GB of flash memory this Pearl MP3/4 player is very compact and nice looking, I love its round look, software included with it is good and updated with the latest version available. It has a nice opening on the top that allows me to hang it from my neck using any regular lace.
The position of the menus is also very convenient and easy to navigate through folders allowing quick and easy access to my music collection. it’s fully loaded with extra toys such as games and phone book, it also has .jpg and .gif picture support that lets me store and view photos, the player also lets me open and view  text files with its .txt file viewer I can watch movies since it has support for .amv movies, it supports most audio files and it is fast when browse my music on it. It also has a nice FM tuner which is good when I’m bored of my music, this feature I believe allows me to record FM stations but I haven’t tried it yet.

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