This is a nice video by “Gnarls Barkley” I recorded it live recently while watching the Saturday Night Live Show on NBC; The song is called “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul” After watching this I couldn’t do less than buying the band’s latest CD, I think this song will definitely be a classic, what do you think?

The lyrics go like this:

“Who’s Gonna Save My Soul”

Got some bad news this morning
Which in turn made my day
When this someone spoke I listened
All of a sudden has less and less to say
Oooo how could this be
All this time I’ve lived vicariously
Who’s gonna save my soul now
Who’s gonna save my soul now
How will my story ever be told now
How will my story be told now

Made me feel like somebody
Like somebody else
Although he was imitated often
It felt like I was being myself
Is it a shame that someone else’s song
Was totally and completely depended on

Who’s gonna save my soul now
Who’s gonna save my soul now
I wonder if I’ll live grow old now
Getting high cause I feel so low down
And maybe it’s a little selfish
All I have is the memory
Yet I never stopped to wonder
Was it possible you hurtin’ worse than me
Still my hunger turns to greed
Cause what about what I need

Who’s gonna save my soul now
Whooooo’s gon save my soul now
Oh I know I’m out of control now
Tired enough to lay my own soul down

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May 17, 2008 8:10 pm

Hey thanks for posting this, why did you remove it from your youtube though? there it could be enjoyed more people 🙂

May 10, 2008 7:08 pm

awsome bro, I watched that SNL, I have been lookin for this, by any chance do you happen to have RUN that also played that day?

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