My Ubuntu Linux Desktop Once again I’m giving Linux a try, I’m posting this entry from my Ubuntu Linux 7.10 desktop and using the BloGTK blog Editor to post this entry, BloGTK is a program which compares to Microsoft Windows Live Writer and it allows you to post-entries to almost any CMS or blog software out there. I have attached a screenshot of my current desktop, I can see Linux has come a long way since I last tried it back in 2001; everything seems to be working properly on my computer, video, sound and even updated drivers for my NVidia video card.

Next, I’m installing Win4Lin so I’m able to run certain applications such as “SocialFM” which currently has no Linux clone and in a few days I’ll be writing a review on how things are going with me and Linux, I’m NOT abandoning Windows (I love it too much) just taking some time to learn more about this OS.

   [ Higher Quality Screenshot ]


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November 6, 2008 4:55 pm

Thanks for posting, stumbled upon this and actually thought you were talking about Ubuntu 8.10 released October 2008, but then noticed that I’ve turned up a year late.

Also: “entry from my Unbuntu” should be “entry from my Ubuntu”.

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