Everything sounds better, Everything looks brighter, Everything tastes better, Everything you do Tiesto  feels better; Everything, even your Trance sounds better.

Last Wednesday I enjoyed listening for hours to the latest Tiesto release and I have to say it’s one of his best productions to date, this CD actually revived my hope in Trance music in general, all beats are so new, so fresh and upbeat that I couldn’t do less than listen for hours over and over again, all 12 tracks included on the CD are beautiful exponents of modern Trance.

Once again Tiesto shows up his soul of true artist and musician; being a real and complete example of this genre is no alien behavior to him, he gives us not just remixes of songs by other composers like most DJs these days do, instead all songs included on the album (except two) are written and produced by Tiesto; this is the reason I no longer feel comfortable calling him “DJ Tiesto” I think he is a lot more than just a DJ; he has emerged as a true artist who brings Trance and Electronic music in general to higher grounds; All your fans welcome you Tiesto; you have become an element of our own lives!

Note: I have uploaded all 12 tracks to this site and you can listen to all of them by clicking on my Media Player on the sidebar of my site; however the tracks I uploaded are very low quality, I encourage you to buy this CD if you do like Trance and wish to support the wonderful work of this artist.


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