Located between the Caribbean Sea, the Mexican Gulf and the Atlantic waters, the Cuban archipelago with a surface area of 110, 992 km2 is composed by the Island of Cuba, Isle of Youth ( Isla de Pinos), and 1600 small islands or keys grouped in for archipelagos called Colorados, Sabana Camaguey or Jardines del Rey, Jardines de la Reina and Canarreos.

The Island of Cuba with a surface of 105 007 km2, is the biggest of the islands in the Cuban archipelago. Isle of Youth is the second largest with a surface of 2200 km2. Cuba, also called the key to the Gulf, is the largest island of the West Indies and one of the largest in the world.

With a fantastic natural beauty, Cuba has more than 300 natural beaches of fine white sand and crystal clear waters, three mountain ranges, two long regions of savannah and numerous valleys. Some of the valleys, like Viñales, Yumurí and Los Ingenios, are known worldwide due to their natural beauty or rich history. Small waterfalls and cascades, like Salto del Caburni at Escambray mountain range, keep charming nature lovers.

Most of the Cuban territory is composed by fertile plains, which cover 60% of the surface and isolate the mountain groups which embrace 25% of the total surface. The highest mountain is called Pico Turquino with 1972 meters over the sea level, and is located in the east part of the island in the Sierra Maestra range of mountains.

The combination of different natural factors has made the Cuban nature something so especially beautiful, that even Christopher Columbus was astonished, when he saw it the first  time in 1492, and said ”this is the most beautiful land that human eyes have ever seen”

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