Freedom Should we hide and conceal error just for the sake of protecting ideals and teachings we’ve followed through the course of time? Sometimes custom can be a very powerful force, specially if breaking away from it can bring hate, lack of tolerance and ridicule from those you love and who have been with you for years, if you decide to be brave though, know this: Discovering, uncovering and releasing truth into the world has a hefty price.

Aside from that it can prove especially hard at times to advice others against eating sweet when all you’ve been known to eat till this day is candy, but we all have the right to have been mistaken and recover from error, it’s in human nature to change one’s mind, then regardless of how hard this could be, the reward and reachable value of uncovering the truth is fulfilling like nothing else, never then miss the opportunity to show others what really can make a difference, never let someone in the dark just for the sake of protecting their skin, if anything know that armed with the truth, there will be no sun capable of damaging it.

Take for example children, we all love our children, taking away their favorite toy can become quite challenging for any parent, knowing that the toy is made of harmful materials however is enough motivation to avoid and stop the danger, you will go great lengths to prevent your kid from getting sick, even if in the way of attaining it you cause him/her to cry, years later your son or daughter will thank you and appreciate what you did for them, that’s the fruit you will rip from a good did, from doing “the right thing”.

It is no easy task to break free from a pattern which has been hardwired deep within your mind, despite that fact, hard is no synonym of impossible and the greatest barriers can be overcome if there’s something behind them motivating enough to jump and reach far for that goal that will bring joy to your life, that which will make a real difference if the quality of someone’s existence.

Go then and bring whoever you can out from the ignorance in which they have been raised, free them from the lie which blinds them from the truth, illuminate their path with those pearls which really matter; the road to the real knowledge of knowing that they are free from tradition and bundle, never be afraid to teach or show the way to true thinking independence, it will be so rewarding for you, don’t dream it anymore, just do it, it will hurt, you might cry on your endeavor, some will hate you, even avoid you, but that’s life for real men, don’t fear it, at that point you will know it, you’ll sense it, you will be on your way of becoming someone’s hero.

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