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Updating Your TomTom XL 340S GP System With The Latest Maps

TomTom XL 340s Ok, a GPS was one of those things I have been after for a while, but I refused to pay a lot for it, since I really don’t need it too much, except those few times I go out of town and addresses can be a pain to find, so my local RadioShack had the TomTom XL 340s on sale for just $159, since they were still closed because it was very early in the morning and the Sears next to them was already open I asked the sales person if they would match the prices and he said yes without delay, he asked where I had seen that price and after telling him online, he asked how much they had it on sale for, I said I wasn’t sure if it was $150 or $159, he went ahead and checked RadioShack’s site and it was actually $159, however guess what… he matched the price to $150, so that’s what I ended up paying plus taxes, (A friend tells me the sales person wasn’t just nice, it’s because Sears actually has a price match + $9.00 USD policy) either way I think I got a good deal because all other retail stores had it at anything from $229 to $249.

This is the first real GPS I have ever had (Previously used my Phone’s) and so far so good, It works great and guides me everywhere I have asked it to without issue, even in those far from the city areas, It is packed with features you only find in expensive models, TomTom needs to get their act together in what has to do with the software/firmware updates though, they definitely have issues with that, the vast majority of negative reviews I have seen about the XL 340s is about people getting frustrated with the software and maps updates, that’s why I gave it a 4 in ease of use at my Bestbuy review of this item, the actual GPSs graphical interface is very user friendly though .
The main problem I see is that the new software they attempt to put in does not fit in the first upgrade attempt, then on second attempt the old firmware will update first thus being able to detect the problem and remove the old stuff first then it all goes smoothly, but most people never make it to the second try it seems because the error messages are not clear enough, just disconnect the device totally from your PC and retry the updates, old stuff has to go first then the new maps will fit, If you have issues updating your device just follow the following simple steps and you should be good to go:

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King Herod’s tomb possibly found

King Herod's Tomb Found This undated photo made available by the Government Press Office, Tuesday, May 8, 2007, shows an aerial view of the the hilltop compound of Herodium near the west Bank town of Hebron. An Israeli archaeologist has found the tomb of King Herod, the legendary builder of ancient Jerusalem and the Holy Land, at a hilltop compound south of the city, the Hebrew University announced. (AP Photo/Yaacov Sa’ar/GPO)

The find, which could provide insights into one of the Bible’s most reviled yet influential figures, includes hundreds of pieces of an ornate sarcophagus, but no bones and no inscription that would seal the identification.

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New Section Dedicated To Cuba.

Varadero Beach - Cuba

Today I am opening a new section on my site dedicated to Cuba and its beauty; Cuba is the country where I was born, I invite you to click on the “Cuba” section and check that page to see some of the most exotic and unique places in Cuba and its people!

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